Friday, January 11, 2008


You can search our inventory on AMAZON - We are thebookcellar5
(still can't find it - call us at 303.604.2880 or email any requests to ;

Thanks for shopping independent!

The Book Cellar In Louisville Colorado

Hello Friends of The Book Cellar in Louisville Colorado. While our web site is under construction, this blog has a little information you might need!

Store hours T-F 10 = 10 to 5:30 (We keep longer hours in the summer, usually 6:30)
Saturday 9:30- 6:30
Sunday 10-2:30
Exceptions - If you call, we will hold the store open for pick up of new/ordered books.
Telephone - 303.604.2880
email address-

Use us to order new or used books. The new books take only two business days to arrive and 99% of the time we give you a discount that beats the large chains including Amazon! We guarantee quality used books and will make sure you are happy with your order. We are experts at finding out of print, scarce copy, and rare books. Our services include market evaluations and appraisals. Need an appraisal? Our service is fast, reliable and a bargain at $40 an hour. We have worked with many historic societies, museums, and private estates.

YES! We Buy, Sell and Trade. Please call us in advance to see if we are accepting books for cash.
Our trade policies are the most generous in Boulder County. they are as follows; We are internet priced, we give you half the amount, we price the books at, in trade credit. When you use your trade, we use half of the trade to reduce the price of the book and you pay the other half in cash. This helps us pay our rent, and helps you by having a convenient book store in the downtown historic district. Cash, we give you one quarter of the amount we price the book.

Our inventory of over 65,000 titles is carefully selected for high customer ratings and current demand. we are in the process of logging all of our titles onto the data base for easy search and order capabilities. Currently we have over 9,000 logged. Please call or email with any questions or book orders. Our customer service is well known. we respect our customers privacy and are very discreet with special orders. 

Thank you for making us your "Hometown" book store!

Owner and Louisville resident-
 Barbara Butterworth